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—Amy Isaac, Interactivate

3D Direct Mail

Direct Mail Promotion

To grow business with ski resorts, an ad agency created this mock lift ticket. The piece has an edgy attitude to demonstrate knowledge and affinity for the market and focuses on the marketing needs of the industry. To view the back panel of the ticket, be sure to scroll down.

Direct Mail Poster

Direct Mail, Front | Direct Mail, Back

A printer received recognition for commitment to sustainability and wanted to share the news with the business community. A quarter-fold direct mail piece was created with a full image on one side and copy on the back. The piece uses a light touch to get across that the printer received the award for a commitment that it has held for many years while also gently promoting the company’s services. Bronze ADDY award winner.

3D Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail 1, Front | Direct Mail 1, Back | Direct Mail 2, Front | Direct Mail 2, Back | Direct Mail 3, Front | Direct Mail 3, Back

When an electronic product development company decided to go after a new market, they needed an attention-getter. The target was venture capitalists. These postcard-sized pieces were placed inside a box that held an item relevant to the particular sports theme. (The race theme went with a miniature race car, the baseball theme was mailed with a baseball 'stress ball' and the golf theme accompanied golf balls).

Call for Entries Poster

Direct Mail Content

This award-winning poster is a call for entries for the 7th Annual Unisource Pumpkin Cutting Contest. Fun and irreverent, the piece challenges graphic designers to use their talent to carve a pumpkin masterpiece. Silver ADDY award winner.

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