Whenever I need copy I call Barb and I’m never disappointed. Whether she’s writing for print, websites, ads, point of purchase or feature articles, she delivers great concepts and copy. She understands our goals and always makes our chocolate as delicious to read about as it is to eat.

—Jay Haws, VP, Creative Services, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Product Brochures

Women       Men      Youth & 20s         

These three product brochures, shown as front and back, were created for three distinctly different audiences. All are natural solutions formulated by a pharmacy.

Catering Brochure

Brochure Content

Targeting the wedding market, this brochure reflects the elegance of a delicious wedding day.

Chocolate Brochure

Brochure Content 1 | Brochure Content 2

Chocolate is an easy sell, but generating interest in buying into a national chocolate shop franchise takes a little more work. While promoting the company brand and appealing to the chocolate lover who comes in to buy, the brochure plants the seed of store ownership and provides information on how to find out more. Here you see both the inside and outside spreads.

Flavor Signs

Flavor Names & Descriptions

What could be more fun than coming up with names and descriptions for frozen yogurt flavors? Here are just a few samples of flavor signs for an emerging national franchise network of fro yo shops.

Corporate / Investment Brochure

Brochure Content

Information-rich, this brochure provides the value of group investment in commercial real estate and sells the services of the firm it represents. The client provides it as an electronic file as well as a printed piece to hand out at presentations.

Press Kit

Folder & Inserts Copy

This is a press kit for a chocolate manufacturer with nationwide franchise stores. The kits are customized with press releases relevant to a particular store and are typically used when the new store first opens. Copy includes inserts about the company’s shops and products, a press release and a company backgrounder.

Presentation Folder

Folder Content, Cover | Folder Content, Inside

A manufacturer of quality handcrafted doors needed a high-end piece that fit the superior quality of the product. Styled to appeal to the discerning home owner, the copy reflects the company’s brand and distinctive creations.

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